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#Bitcoin fundamentalism: What about the #BTC fundamentalism?

What about Bitcoin fundamentalism?

A debate is going on among bitcoiners about if we should be fundamentalists about BTC.

The problem begins with the very concept we are discussing. Unlike mathematical truth, philosophical/linguistic concepts are opened to some subjetivism.

Some folks will define Bitcoin fundamentalism in a positive manner, implying this is the only/right/best way to really support BTC.

Other ppl, on the other hand, will say the exact opposite. For them, fundamentalism is the worst that can exist in human thinking and reasoning.

The answer to if we should be, or not, "fundamentalists" starts with a clarification of what that means, starting with the broader concepts and going down to the most specific ones.

"Believing" in Bitcoin is a "fundamentalist" attitude towards it? Or even central bankers believe in BTC in some sense, so that does not mean a thing?

"Working towards mass adoption" is a "fundamentalist" approach? Or even Visa/MasterCard are doing it, but for the "wrong" reasons?

Having Bitcoin in one's portfolio means a "fundamentalist" we are right in front of a fundamentalism representative, or even a shitcoin maximalism can have that, so f*ck all these guys without regard to their position in BTC?

From there on, we can make infinite other questions.

A "fundamentalist" runs a full node? Is a Bitcoin miner SINCE 2009? Exchanged emails with Satoshi?

The list and the "purity test" might become very long.

The thing is that Bitcoin fundamentalism is perfectly fine if the term is used to identify the most educated and committed to BTC true mission.

On the other hand, it's okay to criticize the "fundamentalists" if you use the term to identify the most childish, arrogant, narrow minded and harsh proponents of Bitcoin, that might be hard to swallow, indeed.

But so far we've only heard the obvious, right? How should we advance and deepen the issue? The real problem with this discussion is when the discussion over "fundamentalism" is used to simply label and mislead people.

If a Bitcoin scammer tries to win the community using the so called "fundamentalism" to do virtue signaling, that can be a hell of a headache. Only time will tell and show who these ppl are! Until them, unfortunately, everyone is a potential imposter.

On the other hand, scammers also tries to avoid criticism labeling their critics of many things, and "fundamentalist" can be one of these labels. In tis case, the term is used to simply create a wall around a critic before public opinion so the scammer goes free.

Bitcoin is an enemy of powerful people and ideas, people and ideas that run our world for thousands of years. It will not be in a few time we are going to be able to educate everyone and turn as much people as possible into "real" bitcoiners, whatever that truly means.

Until that day, we talk to each other (not always in an educated/polite manner), we clarify the concepts, we put things and people to test, and hope that Bitcoin wins the war that is in place everywhere in the world.

One other thing we can make, is maybe to make a heavymetal pro-Bitcoin music called



Who knows? Stay tuned!


This post is based on this twitter thread.


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