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BTC looking for a New Financial Advice Board

I was boutta go to sleep but btc looking dumpy won't be suprised if we target 16k tomorrow if it's there I am buying a little more for the first time since June.

Again I am buying around here I think the R/R is excellent for long term buys. I don't believe the extreme doom targets of 6k, 3k, and I do believe we see another bull cycle in the next halving. I also know the risks of this asset too so I only put what I don't plan on using soon

And don't just copy me do objective research on both sides to find what you should do with your money. My bitcoin buys are not financial advice!!!!!!

Tho I have some good financial advice all 21 YOs can learn. I'm learning how to manage income and expenses on a spread sheet paying pretend bills to my parents which then is put into an account used for my down payment.

That way you can learn how to pay bills save money and not get fucked when you move on your own

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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