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Two Signs of a Strong Decline Before the #BTC Falls

[Here are two of the signals you will notice before the BTC falls]

1. Bitcoin: Spent Output Age Bands(7Y~10Y) If the holder, which held BTC in its seventh year, moves more than 5,000BTC, there could be a strong downward trend in the future.



This indicator showed signal 7 in the past and fell 6 times except for 1 (07 Feb '21)

The fact that the long-term holder moved the BTC means that there will be an unusual price movement in the future.

2. ETH Dominance (when ETH.D has risen by more than 20%) The rise in Ethereum Dominance means a stronger rise than BTC. However, the real rise in Altcoin could come after a strong rise in BTC

When BTC is simply transverse, the excessive rise of Ethereum creates a bubble. In particular, if the ETH dominance rises by more than 20%, it provides a good timing to enter the short position.

Two recent signs of indicators have occurred, indicating a strong fall signal. If you use the two signals properly, you can prepare for the down trend.

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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