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May 2K May 2018: Bitcoin Price Prospects

The following will be data points used in May 2k22 on the reasoning as to why my projection has been downside and what one of several catalyst i took into consideration would be.BTC

05/11/2022- “we have never gone into a 7 week continuous sell of in bc, which makes me optimistic for a relief soon. that being said if that doesn't occur the downside likelihood is probable to reach 20k.”

05/22 -

“CDC Covid start according to cdc covid start”

05/22 “from that point btc reached a total gain of 281% during the covid years. What we have seen in this particular market cycle(2022) is that a considerable amount of companies in the stock market(NQ) has given back all of there covid gains, the case may be the same for btc..”

“Respectively we have never tested the 20k region since the point of breaking out in Dec. 12 (coincidentally right at the beginning of registered covid via CDC)since then we have only reached 28424 since the start of covid as a test of the downside, today we breached that”btc

“number although I do see us bouncing short term the one thing that is likely is the test of the respective 20k region. This would make an extreme case of fear and equal amount of FOMO to enter the market allowing for the next cycle to develop to retest ATH.“ BTC

5/2022 data points Bitcoin

“we had brief drop in november,december 2018 under 200 ma that resorted to 30-40% drawdown from that point”

I will be releasing more original supporting data points that I had moving forward.

The market has not seen true pain perspective until after the CV19 Bitcoin adopters are in drawdown. In my opinion there will be more to come with brief moments of happiness. Position size accordingly and enjoy the process

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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