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Opinion: 2020 Bull Market

I have this theory after experiencing the last bear market. In Bull markets it's all about hype and momentum as people celebrate insane returns, and the virus spreads and.more money is pulled into the system. This keeps going until the fuel e.g. new users run out. . BTC Bear

Near the end of the bull we curved out, volume slowed and the fuel simply run out as more and more coins were created, more Ido's , more presales etc, more sidechains and eventually wasn't enough fuel to sustain it all. Then we hit into reverse and in a way...

The opposite effect happens people no longer spread good news stories but stories of being rekt. Retail don't enter because it's a losing battle. Christmas dinner becomes a cautionary tale of bad crypto experiences.. so it takes time to forget this and bottom.

Once in a bear it takes time to 'curve' out as projects get abandoned, new presales reduce, new projects slow down and even sidechains are dead or closed. Once this happens though you look for teams with good run off, good ideas and working teams. Those are the projects you buy

I have my list of projects from 2020 bull run to buy, but also will use my funds to find some projects which are cheaply rated but still building. Alot of projects are scams but finding the legit ones who build through beads will be diamonds in the rough.

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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