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Tim Dotcom’s FOMC – Market Rebound?


A volatile Asia trading open sent BTC as low as 18,250 and ETH to 1277.

The market has since rebounded a bit, which we believe is nothing but a technical covering of short positions. This week is all about the FOMC..

Who will meet on Tues and deliver their interest rate decision on Wednesday. Expectations are for a third consecutive rise of 0.75%, and given the recent speeches by J. Powell it is likely he continues with an extremely hawkish tone on bringing down inflation.

With regards to the portfolio, we remain heavily weighted towards USDC and a preference for delta-neutral strategies. For example, we borrow MATIC on aave and LP stMATIC/MATIC using crv/beefy for LDO boosted rewards.

For ReFi Pro, we continue to provide liquidity via GLP and MLP and are delta hedging the beta. We have reduced the size of these liquidity positions and will be looking to extract more volatility premium using protocols like @PremiaFinance

As many of you will have noted, our Treasury value is essentially static over the past few weeks, which is actually an achievement in a downward trending market and accounts for all our operational overheads too.

Our strategy is to make more concentrated bearish bets and sell into any meaningful rallies in BTC. For now, we await the central bank meetings and keep speaking to DeFi protocols about providing liquidity on enhanced terms.

Treasury Size: 1,942,675

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