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USDT.D Update: USDT.D. Update – Market Update

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As I mentioned the correlations are on point if you read my previous USDT.D when I added this imbalance and told you it correlates with Total1's imbalance as well, we would wait for a sweep there and take some longs. which I wasn't available for.

Now - for this I prefer waiting for the Monday to Range fully before taking any position which will be from today night or tomorrow morning to see how the people are positioning themselves before FOMC.

There are a couple of FVGs to the bottom - which correlated with my hedge unwinding on FOMC going to the 20300 levels. Though this time I doubt the bounce will be like the previous one where we headed to 22800 because I expected it on this level here to get that bounce.

What we want to see from USDT.D is reach to the upper area which will correlate with 17600 definitely.

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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