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Bitcoin Price May Move Higher

1/ This most recent consolidation zone is nearing 100 DAYS! 😮‍💨 Despite many anticipating further downside, might we see price begin moving higher? 📈 Every dip seen below has been followed up by consecutive days of buying. Might be swing traders, but supply seems low... btc

2/ At this point in the bear market, it would be good & well to see price begin to climb higher, but my expectation is that btc may ~begin~ to show strength only to give one last final wash-out that yields a large lower candle. This normally happens at the end of consolidation!

3/ Zooming into recent price action, I am really liking the price action after that "first barrier" that represented a falling channel/bearish continuation. This led me to predict 18k, but now that zone has bounced and the daily candle body is GREEN! 🟩

4/ I am excited to see the bears continue to try to push, because as soon as the market (and price) really realizes the lack of supply, the bull will come back faster and harder than it ever has before. More people have their eyes on btc now than ever before.

5/ Long-term btc buyers have surely been stepping in and buying btc at these low levels, and I assure you that many will not be willing to sell until their profits are competitive to previous bull runs. Next bull run ~will~ see a 6-digit btc. Pick a side, wait & accumulate. 💰

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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