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Top Alert: Top Alerts on Bitcoin Scams


Never got the close above so trigger wasn't met.

Top Alerts gave the top of the previous bounce up.

It's been on my to do list, but need to re make my guides to better show all the ways you can use these to identify trends. No indicator is perfect by itself, especially in chop / difficult market conditions

It's the reason why there's so many confirmation points on the scripts to build strength on the idea & focus on the winning trades / better r:r

In which they can be mixed & matched to preference.

From scalping, swings, macro etc

Another reason why these scripts took years to build (being stubborn & a perfectionist) kept me motivated to have everything work together without lag & bugs.

I'll be posting more updates on Alts, btc & eth starting this week.

With added thoughts & logic behind my reasoning & how to interpret indicators on the scripts.

Awesome to see it doing well in shitty market conditions, makes me more excited when the bull market is back

End Rant/

Been out of town the last few days, will be back posting more tomorrow

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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