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The “End Game” For Bitcoin: What’s Next For The Financial System?

Without belaboring the issue, let me just post what needs posting. This thread isn’t about any evidence in the charts at the present.


1) SP500 is still above its key monthly SMA’s

2) USD is still below its monthly .786 Fib

3) BTC remains over its June low

But… 🧵


As I might have eluded to, albeit in a cryptic fashion, I am highly worried about the end of this month thru the first week of October. While I believe the Fed will be forced to pause/pivot soon, they could just as easily go too far and break the back of market support. 🧵


But even that, in and of itself, isn’t what worries me. What truly worries me is the thing I can’t predict or see on a chart. That something is what we in the Industry refer to as “Event Risk”. Without making some outlandish claims as to what I “think” might happen, my gut🧵


has been on high alert. There are many things that I’ve been trying to dive into regarding this upcoming weekend, and every time I do a deeper dive, I walk away worried that something is going to happen. Maybe I’m just being paranoid, or maybe I’m just in tune with what 🧵


I know is the “End game” for the financial system we all know. Suffice it to say, it’s entirely possible that the Fed intentionally crashes the markets to usher in what ALL CENTRAL BANKS WANT: A Central Bank Digital Currency. My own analysis believes that it’s not time 🧵


For them to “pull the plug”. But my gut is at odds with my brain. The contrarian in me says buy this market, but my gut is saying ease up until we get through this month. 9.24.22 is this weekend, and this weekend above all future dates on the calendar are what has me 🧵


worried most of all. So without trying to predict a “Crash” or a banking crisis, let me just leave you with what I am doing NOW:

1) I took off 1/2 my equity position today (that makes my total holdings back down to only 25% exposure, 75% cash)

2) I have NOT sold 🧵


any of my longer term crypto bags, but I will hold off on adding to any bags until we are through this next week or so. If, BIG IF here, we were to break 17.2K on BTC, that would be my line in the sand and I would have to eat my losses. That said, my total portfolio is 🧵


Only around 18% crypto at the moment. So hurt as it might, I’ll live to fight another day.

3) I did buy more precious metals. I’m a huge believer in owning PHYSICAL METAL, nothing paper (except with the exception of some quality miners)

4) I am NOT A PROPHET, but when 🧵


I have a conflict with my gut & my intellect, I have to pause. What this means going forward is this:

If nothing breaks, I resume adding to my bags, BUT if the USD snaps past 112/113, the SP500 breaks 3400, and BTC breaks 17.2K, I’ll naturally get more defensive. 🧵


This thread is NOT TO SCARE ANYONE, and it’s certainly not a prediction of anything. It’s merely me telling you I am uneasy about the next few days. Once we get to the other side, REGARDLESS of the outcome, I will still be here & I will tell you EXACTLY what I am doing. 🧵


In the end, I’m just a person on CT. Please DYOR.

However, I still think of myself as something more than just a meme or just some guy trying to lure you in w/some expectations of 100x returns. I will always try to be your virtual friend, who’s trying his best to help one

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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