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Preparing for the $BTC “FOMC”

The most important day in a while for

Cryptocurency is here, the next 24 hours will be make or break for BTC

Here is what I am seeing in the market, and everything that you need to know about these upcoming events: 👍



T-12 hours until the FOMC meeting where we will know the I.R decision.

Here are the main possibilities:

-> 75bsps - 82% chance - small pump due to a no 100bsps, then normal ranges.

-> 100bsps - 12% chance - huge sell-off, confirms cryptocrash and new lows ✅



How to Prepare yourself for the FOMC meeting: 👍

1) Don't trade prior to or 24 hours after the FOMC meeting, as there will be potential bear and bull traps everywhere.

2) Volatility will be crazy, put SL to BE for any open positions and take PROFITS ‼



Putin will speak 1 hour prior to the FOMC meeting, there are various theories on what he will speak about,

but imo it won't be good news. ❌

The speculations have already sent the Russian stock markets, and may have a major impact on Cryptocurrency 👇



We have been surging like crazy on the 10YR. We are at zones last seen in 2011, and this is bad for cryptocurrency. A break of these levels, and we are in for a ride in Crypto. ✅



There are events such as other countries announcing I.R hikes, however these are the main ones which I have covered. ✅

Stay safe, these few narratives could combine to send BTC down to those fresh lows.

Lets continue our challenge account, 1K soon ‼ 🧵(6/6)

18% chance*

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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