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Bitcoin Opinion: Reaching a New Portfolio?

1/ Over time my opinions on

BTC have changed drastically.

In 2017 it was a 'Get rich Quick' asset In 2018/19 it was a 'Hopium' asset In 2020 it became a 'Store of Value' In 2021

it was the 'Monetary Inflation Killer' In 2022 Im reading it as 'Risk On'

Compare these charts:

2/ Although google has had dips in its early years you can see continued strength over time as the conpany grows.

BTC has seen huge price rises but dramatic falls. The main spikes in its chart are due to price discovery & risk on environment. Its the alternative asset for...

3/ high risk traders.

I dont like the fact that many are calling for 10k in a repeat of 85% (2017) collapse. This isnt evolution but proving a repeat of past fads. It offers little for future hope.

Still I will buy the asset as I know the day will come again where it will be,

4/ hot again & risk on advocates will pour into the system once more.

However Ill scale into my position as I know 14k, 10k, 8k, 6k are all achieveable before it comes. This is the truth.

But a truth also remains that we may have seen the bottom.

The blockchain itself & alts;

5/ I consider then seperate in growth terms. Although the king still rules & we still need it to draw eyes some alt coins can succeed.

The DEFI collapse I can forgive as it was the first attempt at a new way of life.

Having scoured the earth for other investment opps..

6/ DEFI, Liquidity pools, AMMs etc are unmatched when it comes to P2P lending & trading

DEFI 2.0 could be a true gamechanger, but governance, DAO creation & hacks need to be overcome & more accountability is needed

For sure we need improved regualtion, but we may be starting..

7/ to see it.

I conclude that Crypto & blockchain must be part of any portfolio

Take your time when buying in. Its a myth that you need to do all your accumumlating now

The global macro is a continued threat & bull markets when they come will last 1yr +. Patience required.

8/ Finally, lose the short termism. Anyone who has been successful took time to get there.

Yes you can hit a home run early but it takes years & a longer term attitude to truly master the arts

This doesnt mean hodl forever but pick key % profit targets & execute when they come.

9/ Also key advice is to ditch anyone obsessing over calling tops & bottoms. I see far too much of it on crypto twitter.

How could one predict every economic event over the next years?

Will war escalate? European energy crisis outcome?

Make your 💰 trading between these lines.

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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