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Stagenet Stagenet Releases Private Release Of Their Stable Stable Chain

📢 We have great news to share!

⛓️ Private release of our Stagenet chain will happen today!

💡This is essentially already our Mainnet chain with real external assets like BTC and ETH! Only difference is our testnet approach to it (its liquidity will be shallow on purpose)

2/5 What's next?

🧪 We will start running internal tests and integrating with our launching partner.

✅ Once our tests are completed, we will take our Stagenet public and let our earliest users try all its features, including swaps, deposits/withdrawals, bonding, etc.

3/5 🍫 We will also stage weekly Liquidity Auctions every Monday, giving away real CACAO on Tuesdays and resetting everything on Sundays. 🍫

🗓️ This will continue working until it's time for our Mainnet official launch!


ℹ️ Stagenet will undergo severe stress tests; please do not deposit any significant amount of funds at any time!

☝🏼Everything is still meant strictly for testing purposes.

5/5 💌 If you are curious about our Stagenet tests, or if you’re interested in participating in them, join our Discord:

Join the Maya Protocol Community Discord Server!Join the Maya Protocol Community Discord Server!
This post is based on this twitter thread.


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