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Bitcoin Price Falling Before the Macro-Operation!

BTC trying put in lowest daily close since December 2020 (White line). Btc likes to close dailies nasty and then do the exact opposite so for me even if we do close below 8-12 hours after that will give us the most information. BTC Bitcoin Altcoins ETHEREUM ETHMerge FTM

If down then the blocks below there look like some day they will be legendary entries.

I honestly think crypto is going to bottom before the Macro market, but that would still need DXY

to break down

I really only use parabolas for visualization of trend acceleration not as hard trend lines as you can draw them way to many ways.

As most people knows I like to play low liq defi and farming plays. Over the years I have found that they get hit way less than other large

..MC plays. For me its honestly more predictable and really just a matter of a math calculation and trust in team thru networking.

Even in the bear market we are still grinding in @SurveyorDAO Discord and plan to continue building regardless of market conditions.

Throw me a follow and then at least come shitpost with us in the chat.

Have a great night and stay safe, hope noone is getting nuked rn.

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