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Daily Bitcoin Price Update: Market Update: Rates Hike, CME Dive, and Crypto Dives

Daily NFT/Crypto Market Update 9/21/2022 | A Thread 🧵🧵🧵


Crypto took a little tumble as FED interest rate hikes were released today. BTC dropped but has made its way above 19k again and ETH is below 1.3k. Very bearish sentiment in the market right now.

1/ NFTs were especially volatile today as macro-economic factors caught up with the market, however, we did see good success with small supply NFTs specifically. The metas are moving really fast so be smart and keep up with the trends.

2/ Degen/free mint of the day: CREEPY BORED APE CLUB

@CreepyApeClub is a small supply 900 NFT collection that did well today with over 1600 sales on secondary. While this has settled at a floor of 0.02 ETH, this did reach highs of 0.04 ETH, making good profits for minters.

3/ @CreepyApeClub is a @BoredApeYC derivative with a twist - the art is black and white to give them a creepy vibe. This performed well because of the low supply, good art, and 0% royalties so this was an easy flip for many.


Another free mint that popped off today was @WalkThePlankNFT. With a small supply of 666, this saw over 1000 sales and reached highs of 0.15 ETH before currently sitting at 0.06. Walk the Plank are 1/1 art pieces of pirates with some unique,

5/ flashy designs. These @WalkThePlankNFT did very well, and it looks like today there was a lot of attention on these low supply mints. These look pretty cool, so I will be watching these.


The blue chip project, @coolcatsnft, announced some big news today with the induction of their new CEO, Stephen Teglas. He is a stacked name with previous experience working with @DisneyStudios @RecurForever and @warnerbros

7/ @coolcatsnft has long been a project in the space that has been valued highly at a blue chip status level, so the hope is that Teglas can lead this project even higher. This could be something to watch as Cool Cats starts to make some developments.


If you have not noticed, crypto took a big dive today as interest rate hikes were revealed by the FED. These set a 0.75 percentage point increase for interest rates, marking the 3rd time they have risen in the past 4 months. This is obviously

9/ a bearish increase but to make things worse for the short term, Jerome Powell said the central bank will do everything to curb inflation, even if it means crashing markets and the economy. Obviously, this is necessary to get us out of the bear, but this is quite bearish.


With the overall market sentiment being very bullish after hearing what Powell and the FED are planning to do with upcoming interest rate hikes, prepare for more drops and volatility. We are still very much in a bear market, so consider all investments high

11/ risk. As always, remember to take profits and secure the little Ws because they add up. Thanks for reading and have a great day Kings. If you enjoyed, give me a follow or a like I would really appreciate it! 💵🧵

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