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Former FDIC Agent Loses Millions to Cryptocurrency Exchange ICON

If I received 1 or heck even 0.1 btc in my wallet sent as a gift or prize I’d have actually decent portfolio of assets then! Don’t let pictures fool you a shave and haircut plus shirt can make a man look 1 million bucks. Unfortunately I lost many thousands to several incidents..

One was a manage sham and scheme vertically basically set up by ex who was a “friend” but always a bit nasty. Then I met new Girl and they hit it off and laughed at me at times and she got her against me. Asking me why I called the cops inside the closet when she’s pegging all..

Shot from pans and knives and I’m big guy I can drop her and I

was going to but if I had I could get myself or get stabbed or other injuries I didn’t want. I waited she stopped cops came saw the mess I was outside by then anyway that cost bills lawyers for nothing.. then..

I get ripped on a “deal” for training and education pre job or keyed as job training but it was cheap course in marketing and business that cost about 450 for 2 days 3 hours or 6 hours … this was a shit course and they took 1-3k (whatever they could) as deposits. Before bye bye

After that I turned to crypto and balance only goes up when you collect assets it’s like coin collecting in real life lol. But different ofcourse. Still want to shill hit my Twitter btc tip or ETH or other and or ask me for a TX or address 🙏🙏🙏

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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