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Crypto Trading 101: What is Essential to Make ___KTon of Money in 2018?

How I made 100K USD from a measly 10 USD in 2022 crash, A thread on BTC ETH trading:

I would like to pay my thanks to some CT people, each of these guys has something to offer so follow them: @trader1sz @Trader_XO @CryptoCapo_ @EmperorBTC @eliz883 @Jeliaz_7 @ColdBloodShill

@btc_charlie @smileycapital @SalsaTekila @Ninjascalp @BTC_JackSparrow @SSRT94 @insilicobunker @Tree_of_Alpha , not to forget @TheMoonCarl @MMCrypto & The Fat ___K @Bitboy_Crypto (Pun Intended)

I have been trading for 5 years oblivious from this space of Degen gambling, finally got into crypto trading in 2020 madness, and boy oh boy it has become drug of my choice since then. Many people even being in the space do not realize what an opportunity we have at our hands>

I have decided to join(again) to share my experiences both as a speculator in traditional markets and digital assets, I am going to keep this thread tight and tidy and state below what is actually essential to make ___K ton of money in this market:

1.Brains 2.Balls Yes! These are two things needed to get your shit together folks. From now on I am going to post some of my trade setups here in hopes that someone makes some money off of them (Yes for free, I don't want your pocket money I'll rather buy/sell your stop).

you can make some money copy trading profitable traders (I get you need the money; bread is expensive AF), but you must learn how to catch your prey yourself if you truly want to make it in trading and in life, Cheers fellas, Let's get that dough!

Post your questions if you have any about the above challenge (Yes! It was hard AF)

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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