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Alleged BTC-E Admin: “Time to Phase the Problem”

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🚨 If you watch one thing this week let it be this! 🚨 Amazing interview.

I agree on all fronts. Energy is imo the place to see the most upside. Gold has to rise and gold and oil are linked Pic 1) gold & oil I think oil will rise above gold. Pic 2) gold to oil ratio usually 1oz buys 12 bbls of oil aka 135/bb current value.

Homes and yeilds matter. When buyer A has to refi 600k at 6.2% they have to pull investments if they can't get approved?

What are people gonna invest in when their morguage,food and fuel tank takes most of their pay. Trim tech spending their earnings drop. Low yeild like 3% isn't gonna cut it with 10y rising and energy paying 8%+

It's a regime change where the old book of excess liquidity is gone and sectors like energy will make their own liquidity via buy backs and dividends. When crowded names fall they'll seek winners (how they got crowded) and it's a different sector

Margin compression can hurt the E in p/e so even if the P falls it won't be a dip because the laggard E will follow lower. Won't be buy the dip in the same way as the last 10 years.

These are my thoughts that should be largely in agreement with what is said in the clip.

Think about this Tavi said subsidies and lower rates for sectors like oil & gas would help fix the problem. I just yesterday saw a video asking banks to stop all lending to the sector and we got a rate hike. My main name had to sell 11% notes to get this isn't going away soon.

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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