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Aroon Aroon At Critical Point In 1/6 Time For A Crypto Market Update

Could just be a meme 🧵, but Aroon is at a critical point in the 1W timeframe for BTC.

The trend is 0.0 and 0.0 respectively.

Which means for all purposes there is literally no trend to currently comprehend, as seen by the intersection of both lines.

What this means is:

1. The bullish trend is fully diminished, but also;

2. The bearish trend is failing to make an impact recently (prob due to the already 73% drop). Since the bearish highs on Aroon, BTC only dropped 9% (June 13th)

So what can we infer with this? Aroon rules dictate that the lowest of the two trends has an opportunity to strike first. In this case - bullish.

This 0 trend intersection has only happened 4 times since 2012. The first time was after a 73% drop as well.

The second occurrence was a bullish consolidation into before new highs into Nov 2012.

The final occurrence was — April 2015 - roughly at the lows (at least in hindsight).

Despite this, I don’t have hard evidence form other Aroon patterns is this time will play the same. There are some similarities of a dead bull trend, but thats expected in a bear market.

Time will tell.

But I think we are 1-6 months max left to go in this market.

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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