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$18.6K Under Attack? Micro 5 Up From Yesterday's Low

BTC Micro 5 up now off yesterday's low! Micro support is 18.6k-19k

This rally counts much better as 5 up than as a wave 2 (black count) 🧵 1/n

BTC The micro 5 up opens the door to a low of sorts in place either as orange B of b of (iii) to retest 21.5k~ for a higher b of (iii)...and then breaking down...2/n

BTC Or wave i of (c) of the purple wave iv flat heading up to 26k and then a lower low....

Or possibly having completed the whole thing of (4) in green with some possible truncation. 3/n

BTC At the same time, with price below yesterday's high, we still have a totally viable immediate bearish setup which is displayed in black.

What a mess! 4/n

BTC To simplify, below yesterday's high, 20k~ leaves the bearish setup intact, and above today's low, 18,150 leaves bullish counts intact.

5/5 🧵 finished

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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