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Bitcoin Price Still Using Rand’s Dollars

Incredible people actually still use Dinosaur tech like BTC ETH deathly slow, inconvenient, and ridiculous gas fees, when something like XRP exists, nearly feeless, and instant, as in seconds

The cognitive dissonance it takes to overlook the technology of xrp is like that of people who thought internet streaming was useless when we have radios, not understanding the revolutionary technology behind it that vastly changed the world

People are often afraid of and or skeptical of new revolutionary tech. So much so, that they prefer literally objectively worse tech. They dont realize it is only a matter of time before no one can deny its superiority. That if they just took the risk now, 10 years from now...

Well, I'm no fortune teller, but people always come around. They came around to the internet, social media, and even btc is now mainstream and everyone wishes they bought under a dollar. But it was not that easy, there was constant fud and doubt from all angles.

If only there was a "new" and objectively superior and efficient revolutionary technology, with all the right connections to become mainstream that you could buy for dirt cheap right now... oh wait😉

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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