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Warning: WTF’s Going On With Your Wallet?

Hey you !!! Yes you !!!

Have you gone through your wallet on poocoin or any scanner and discovered a lot of tokens you didn’t buy and they happen to be worth a lot ?

And as crook you now want to swap it 🤣🤣🤣

Well take you time to read this thread 🧵


So for most people on BSC this wount be news because we all have these rubbish in our wallets ……

As seen below 👇

Well these kinda tokens are drain tokens and are very malicious.

They prey on greed by allowing you think you can swap them but will charge outrageous amount of BNB as gas fee like 5-20

Just like in this screenshot below 👇

To unsuspecting people, they aim to swap a token worth 3,000 so they wount mind paying 10 gas fees 10times and then after series of failed transactions and sucked gas fees, you then give up not knowing you have been scammed !!!!

Also, some create a back door in your wallet.

Once you approve an unfamiliar smart call you might have given allowance to spend your tokens !!!

Meaning if the target token is BNB , anytime you fund BNB , they will spend it (transfer it out) just because you gave the approval.

How to protect your self.

You can use tools like revoke manager on safepal Or visit

in your DAPP browser to revoke any contract you might have interacted with in the past.

Many people have fallen victim so it’s time to be aware.

Please stay Safu !!

BSC AllowanceBSC Allowance

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