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Celsius Plans To Fill The Hole In The Ground And Fill It With CX And IOU Tokens

1 - Potential Celsius Plan

CX tokens.

CXBTC (45%), CXETH (26%), CXUSDC (25%), CXCEL (4%)


Are they planning on selling all our other tokens to buy into these 3 tokens only; BTC, ETH, USDC?

Then use their own treasury to fund the 4% of CEL?


2 - Is Celsius thinking to calculate the hole and issue the CX (IOU) tokens associated w/ each of these real tokens to fill the hole?

Is Celsius saying they will value the IOU (CX) tokens from the get go and then let the market decide what the value of their IOU (CX) tokens are?

3 - @NukeGold says CX tokens can be exchanged on Uniswap or other similar exchanges.

I’m sure they realize that most customers use CeFi b/c they do not dabble on those platforms.

What does this mean?

@Mashinsky @SimonDixonTwitt

4 - Will proficient users, including insiders, mass sell these tokens right away on Uniswap so the value of the IOU’s plummet?

My hope is their plan has a 12 month waiting period for anyone affiliated with Celsius (employees, mgmt, board and executives) before…

5 - …they can sell these new IOU (CX) tokens.

Final thought, I’m still in favor of a liquidation compared to the little information we received about Celsius’ current CX token plan.

Celsius says more information will be leaked next week.

@CelsiusUcc @WhiteCase @Mashinsky

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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