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1/ We are closer to a new cycle than you think BTC SPX QQQ

The simplest illustration I can provide is the Wall St cheat sheet

If we use ARKK as our template. An ETF that has gained notoriety through the 20-22 cycle. We can see a striking resemblance to our pyschology chart;

2/ It appear this could be our last true dip within the 'depression' area or worse case 'anger'.

When people laugh in your face for investing, its usually the time to buy.

Stock markets collapsing, continued rate hikes, bond yields mooning, central bank wars, All bottom vibes;

3/ Personally Ive small volumes in play but Im getting hungrier & I wont miss the reversal. Again patience.

Right now in crytpo im holding BTC ETH CRV Matic only.

I choose these projects as they are very fairly priced & will recover best if we collapse more;

4/ Other Crypto bets

Hype is important therefore SOL will likely succeed.

I really like KDA (trifecta) & ecosystem keeps growing. HYPE 👀

DEFI will come again. Regulated liquidity pools will be go to. Who is evolving that? Identity projects too. Simple & being first works.

5/ Stock wise: SOFI

The declines are difficult but once loans open in Jan its rockets. Not too long

NFLX has strong momentum (A reversal would see epic gains ST), I think Adbe very fairly priced

OKTA sell off continues. Its on my list with CRWD

BRK.B & ULTA feel safe

6/ Mid risk , high reward

PSNY (Easy add long term but volatilty ST difficult) & PLTR is juicy

Dividend Yields with good growth potential

Altria (Tobacco) 9% PA (Defensive) LSI (Defensive) 4% JNJ 2.8% MCD 2.2%

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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