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Decentralized Limit Orders: Kromatika Limits Orders, Can You Survive?

1) The best products are ones built in this market condition to maximize utility for their users.

But, bear markets seem like a drag. How long do you think this one will last?

KROM DEX Crypto Bearish BTC

2) The secret to bear markets for a trader is to simply survive.

It also means that you are smart with your trade decisions during this crypto winter.🧠

What if I told you that you could minimize volatility, maximize yield when using Kromatika limit orders?

KROM Crypto

3) If you are a DEX user, how do you DCA into volatile assets when there are extra costs?

Typically, you lose money as a result of slippage, bot attacks, swap fees on top of the gas fees. However, Kromatika limit orders put this to an end.

Read on to find out.🧐


5) No front-running:

A front-running bot scans pending transactions and pays a more significant gas fee so that miners process its transaction first to front-run a major trade that will affect market pricing.

Kromatika eliminates bots using Chainlink Keepers.


6) Incentivized limit orders:

As Kromatika limits orders are incentivized, the trader earns more than the intended amount when the transaction is processed because of the LP fees earned from Uniswap v3 concentrated liquidity.

UNI KROM cryptocurrencies

7) Imagine earning fees from limit orders instead of losing on fees.

That’s Kromatika doing the “lord's work”!

You also avoid spot market volatility and slippage using limit orders.

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Kromatika ProtocolKromatika Protocol

8) Even smaller orders are smarter using Kromatika.

It is available on Layer2 networks such as Optimism and Arbitrum. Also on Polygon.

Hence the gas fees will be really low and perfect for smaller trades.


Permissionlessness.ETH 🦇🔊 on TwitterPermissionlessness.ETH 🦇🔊 on Twitter

9) And, that's a wrap fellow nerds.

Stay tuned for the next thread - onboarding users to utilize Kromatika limit orders.

P.S. - Kromatika will be adding more trading features to benefit DEX traders soon.

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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