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Stop Making Money In Whips, 2018 Will Be Decentralized

Stop being such a dumb MAXI thinking you can make money in tokens dominated by whales caring zero about you

The boomercoins like BTC and Eth they are dominated by institutions

SOL is centralized

Choose the memechain smart contracts on PoorQuack and look at GEGG

The new PoorQuack app looks already better and smoother than Coin98 and TrustWallet @GoldenEggToken Rewards Token is pay for use and has better value propositions than TWT and Coin98

@s93jay @GoldenEggToken @pinkecosystem So my honest advice is this

Start by following @PoorQuack and @GoldenEggToken

Then a few community accounts as well as advisor @MichailDouranos

Form your own opinion on long term limits and potential

Could POOR go to 500M-1Bn in a couple of cycles? Imho yes but DYOR

@s93jay @GoldenEggToken @pinkecosystem @PoorQuack @MichailDouranos Always remember to take profits along the way and do not put all eggs in the same basket.

Feel free to compare PoorQuack to RichQuack

Also have some vision to see the difference of next cycle finale as opposed to the bear market bottom

Now is a time to accumulate

@s93jay @GoldenEggToken @pinkecosystem @PoorQuack @MichailDouranos You could become a whale in more than one coin if you play your fiat right.

However considering how low POOR is at the moment the value proposition is possibly unparalleled.

Especially if you DECIDE to get rich from microcap and work for it all the way …

@s93jay @GoldenEggToken @pinkecosystem @PoorQuack @MichailDouranos The only other token I know with a similar potential is LVM but their token is already valued 10X more

Plus tokens wrapped like memes - DOGE and SHIB outperformed everything thing already this cycle

Chances are they will do so in next cycle as well

@s93jay @GoldenEggToken @pinkecosystem @PoorQuack @MichailDouranos Memetokens of next cycle might imho be among these besides PoorQuack

BobaInu SHELON SheperdInu

At least these are promising ones there might be many others

Unless regulators kill off the memecoins they will take market share from BTC

Next top for BTC =

~ 90k 2025

@s93jay @GoldenEggToken @pinkecosystem @PoorQuack @MichailDouranos 2025 top for other coins my estimations

ETH 8k-9k BNB 1700 USD

Both SOL and CRO will do well

KCS will be hyped up higher than the others but also crash harder than the others

Holders of DOT ATOM beware I for one have no conviction here

@s93jay @GoldenEggToken @pinkecosystem @PoorQuack @MichailDouranos Personally I am convinced that meme tokens or tokens wrapped up like memes have a fair chance to 100X and 1000X

Especially POOR if things go their way

Holding some bags in strong communities (diversification) highly recommended


This post is based on this twitter thread.


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