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Encourage Yourself to ‘Stay Healthy’ Amid Market Crash

Ok, the world is in freak out mode with the stockmarketcrash (and it's going lower) the crypto crash (and its going lower - figure BTC ends up around 14,000, which would be an 80% correction) and just overall bearish sentiment.

So, how do you use these times...


as opportunities to build a legacy for yourself?

✅Stay healthy - It is natural that at times like these when we are depressed upon seeing our

brokerage/crypto balances crashing to go into a depression.

So make sure to get enough sunlight, proper sleep, workout...


and most of all eat right.

That comfort food you want to have because you are depressed won't help the situation at all.

✅Build connections - you need to be plugged into the right resources and connections that will allow you to get accurate information...


about what is going on and help you mentally fight off the FUD we all experience.

A few of the accounts I follow to fight the FUD, and am fortunate enough to have them follow me back, are focused on the areas I am looking to grow in...

@Dagnum_PI @StephenWealthy_


@BusinessFamous @KirkDBorne

✅Build your skillsets - how can you get better?

One of the things I have learned over the last year

is how to sell options (among other skills).

Covered call Covered puts Vertical spreads Etc...

As crypto has crashed...


this blow has been alleviated (somewhat) by my ability to cash flow off of my BTC.

I wrote about that here:

✅Invest in positive fundamentals - this means you have to ignore the noise and invest in the right companies/projects.


hgtp://CashFlowTony | Cash Flow Is King! on Twitterhgtp://CashFlowTony | Cash Flow Is King! on Twitter

I won't lecture you here on everything I am doing but will give two examples of what I mean...

WM - Waste Management - I could go into the fundamentals with you (you can look them up) but do you really think garbage has a recession?

If so it is very limited.


DAG - my favorite crypto project with the best tokenomics in crypto.


f you want do your research but just remember the @DeptofDefense has already done the research for you.

And lastly...


hgtp://CashFlowTony | Cash Flow Is King! on Twitterhgtp://CashFlowTony | Cash Flow Is King! on Twitter

✅Patience - bear markets.

It is a part of the "consolidation" that happens in all industries.

The patient will survive.

Those that panic sell will regret it.

Up to you.

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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