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Cryptocurrency and Macro Analysis: Investing in 4 Strategy Strategies

Everything you need to know about my POV on Cryptocurrency and my Investment Plans.

BTC micro and macro analysis below (all details are mentioned in the chart.)

I'll use 4 investment strategies:


(i) 3-5 Blue-chips --> 80% portfolio (ii) Fundamentally strong low MC --> 10-15% portfolio (iii) Lower MC with strong community --> 2.5-10% portfolio (iv) NFTs, ICO , others --> 2.5-5% portfolio


My Blue chips bag won't include BTC or ETH (those are for high capital investors). Alts like Dot at 3-4, Avax at 9-11 with DCA.


I'll share a pdf breaking down the investment strategies soon.

Macro Analysis is bearish for now and bullish soon (most probably in October or otherwise, November)

And as everyone says, DYOR, and it's not financial advice, lol. No one can predict 100% correctly. Above is just what I will do with my portfolio.

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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