Mr B Wealth ($VGX 🐳) Not that it matters now..
Mr B Wealth ($VGX 🐳) Not that it matters now.. 1 minutes reading from Bitcoin

Failing Company That Giveaways Away This Bitcoin For Free!

Because of my mortgage & a couple other big bills I’ve maxed out the “1 Sat per 1 spent wedge”

I’ve gotten that wedge 31 times this month so far. With BTC being around 20K this means every time I hit that wedge it’s worth 1 dollar of BTC

If you don’t have the Fold app and debit card by now it’s hard to relay how much freebitcoin you are missing out on. There is not another company in the world that gives away this much bitcoin .. for FREE!

If there is, please send them my way because so far nothing compares

Because I maxed out my wedge early I have averaged FAR above 2–3% on my purchases

Look at my last one, that equates to over 25% back 😂

It’s ridiculous

And yes, I’m a Spin+ member

I had one other big win this month (100% back on my 70 internet bill) so I have a literally made more in Bitcoin this month than the annual fee is for the ENTIRE YEAR so get the damn card

Whether you do or not, I’ll continue to stack hella free bitcoin.. would be cool if you came along

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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