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#Bitcoin, “Bitcoin and BTC” and “BTC.BSV, $ETH”

Unpopular opinion: Bitcoin is a word that means BTC and/or BSV, even BCH. Heck LTC is a variant. My point: the semantics game doesn’t matter.

Why does it matter that we convince ourselves and other of strict definitions for words that didn’t even exist over 13 years ago?

Do we think that convincing people into using our semantics for words is somehow going to make them _get_ what really matters?

What really matters, might you ask? Well, it’s a great question, and one we might not even consider asking if we fuck around all day with semantics.

It’s a question that gets us to think about the intent behind the words; the intent behind BTC, BSV, ETH, and even NFTs.

We will find honest intent and sometimes malicious intent (scammers). Ask ourselves if the all of the intent behind ETH is to scam, and you will be hard pressed to say “yes” if you’re truly honest with yourself. It’s more nuanced.

A part of what matters is that we have a system which benefits ourselves, others and our future generations to come. There a so many problems to solve and we can get at it everyday together. We can work together to solve these things. Let’s stop fighting, and find common ground.

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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