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Most of the GamefiToday’s Coverage of Bitcoin Today

Gamefi Today🎮(last 24h) Marketcap ; 7.85B (-2.41%)

Today most of the Gamefi market is in the red🔴

In general, the mood is negative not only in games but also in BTC (-0.21%)

and ETH (-2.85%), which continue to fall🍂

Data @CryptoRank_io CryptoNews P2E NFT games

GodsUnchained ( GODS )

+22.7% (last 24h)

continue with a positive momentum for a month (+31.2%)

According to data on @cryptoslamio the value of GodsUnchained NFTs traded over the last 30 days is up by +250.16% ...


Everdome has won the ‘’Meta Company of the Year Award’’ in yesterday’s inaugural Web3 Awards.🏆 But today, a little weak ( DOME)



MyCryptoHeroes unlock new reward to celebrate reaching 2,000 members in



Today MCHC -28.2% and last 30 days +625.7%


Oasys × My Crypto Heroes: Campaign 1 [Liquidity Provider Reward]!Oasys × My Crypto Heroes: Campaign 1 [Liquidity Provider Reward]!

Last 24h, the biggest gainer, SRBP +35.71%

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