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Bitcoin To Reversal Traders’ Interest In Rates


I can see the Reversal in crypto. 18.5 is the invalidation level for bulls. Above that level just buy alts and when bitcoin approaches careful zone be careful and try to hold carefully. Weekly price action is good looking in BTC and Ethereum

This shown setup is not a signal but an idea of how you should react to the market. Everything going acc to plan. I had marked the 20 Sept to 30 Sept reversal zone for Crypto.

We didn't hit the below zones I had shared but we can't do anything just need to react to the market.

If our current plan fails then the previous old tweet will follow. Currently, the current tweet is the plan. Alts did not yet move. so start buying with stop losses below

20-27 Sept lows wherever is a lower candle. an example is shared here.

Even Though I am saying to Buy alts. it doesn't mean you just buy at the current price with a full portfolio. keep the stock averaging more and more. Only averaging will give you great returns. and if the plan fails smaller losses.

If the weekly candle doesn't close bullish we will see again what to do that time. Currently, I am thinking it will close bullish.

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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