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$37 Million Lockup: Can Cryptocurrency Exceed US ATHs?

The amount of HEX locked up by @maximus_dao (1.14billion tokens) At today's price is about 37 million pushed out on average 7 years.

At the ATH it would be 638m.

If BTC were to lock up 2% of its supply it would remove 7.66B of supply from the market for YEARS.

I'm assuming there's only about 10% user owned supply of HEX therefore 58Billion is circulating. (580B total)

So 1.14B being locked up for years is about 1.96% more of the user supply being removed from the market and pushed into the future.

The power of immutable code that has 100% perfect flawless operation and insane price performance is what gives people confidence in delaying gratification for so long while holding the most performative asset in history.

Just wait for new ATHs.

Removing all of this potential sell pressure as we continue to share the opportunity with new onboards to crypto is increasing demand while simultaneously reducing available supply.

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