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Bitcoin Macro Analysis – 4th Wave

Bitcoin Macro Analysis! 4th wave in the bigger picture This 4th wave gonna take more time than the 2017 bear market & can be more complex & challenging (Also current economic conditions supports challenging time for everyone) BTC BTCUSDT Bitcoin Crypto cryptocurrecy btcusd

If we zoom in,we are hovering above range highs on HTF and if we fail to hold it we will test the mid range which is at 11547

Also if we fail to hold above the previous all time high of BTC (which is where we are currently) then we will go for the next lower high which is 14k!

Now the golden question is from where BTC

will reverse what will be the BTC

bottom?🧐 yeah 11540(the mid range is there) but do you know 0.618 and 0.786 acting as a discounted price where mostly people fear to buy

the price range is 9400-6600

Flash crash in equity markets can get us there so what's the smart move we can take now? "To Stay In Cash" As much as you can.

On lower time frame i am expecting BTC to reach till 21k would look for price reaction there to plan the HTF shorts but if we break 23k (very rare chances) we will head to 26-28k then. i am prepared for either side but more bearish biased

With this i wrap up this thread 🙂

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