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The Next Steps to NFT’s Inspiration journey: Proof of Understanding + Proof of Understanding

1/ On my NFTs journey

"How did I go from buying

💊 on the darknet in 2018

with btc to creating the Ketaverse ?

in this thread, what's behind the @xsublimatio project and what are the next steps 🧶 nftart NFTProject proofofunderstanding

2/👀Reading this thread until the end may give you an NFT of my 1st

Tezos project

proofofunderstanding giveaway nft tezos

3/ WHY?: How and Why I have been working a year with 8 people, scientists, developers, producers and creative coders on @xSublimatio that is not only an NFT project, but an aesthetic attempt at the crossroads of science, gaming and art.

4/ Attention span on tweeter is very limited. If you want to get straight to the point and "understand" @xSublimatio Everything is summarized in this medium article

xSublimatio">@pierrepauzexsublimatioisadigitaldrugexperienceasnfts424ec853731bxSublimatio is a digital drug experience as NFTsxSublimatio is a digital drug experience as NFTs

5/ The Beginning: the story starts in 2018, I have to buy chemical substances

on the darknet with BTC for a project between science & Art

Pierre Pauze on TwitterPierre Pauze on Twitter

7/ one year and a lot of work later, we release @xsublimatio & @faction_nft

in the heart of the bear market, no marketing plan, only a few twitter posts, and an allowlist of collectors & artists we admire for free water molecules artproject Artists

Faction.art on TwitterFaction.art on Twitter

8/ IRL EXHIBITION: On the occasion of the first IRL exhibition of @xsublimatio

in an Art center @lecubetwit

: we launch a special giveaway on tezos with the concept of "PROOF OF UNDERSTANDING". Because both mfers & Collector are smart people right?

xSublimatio | Le Cube, création et formation au numériquexSublimatio | Le Cube, création et formation au numérique

9/ I'm also doing my debut on tezosnft / objkt , with a molecule giveaway (same processing xSublimatio code source) for those who will play the "proof of understanding" game proofofunderstanding tezoscommunity

10/ PROOF OF UNDERSTANDING + GIVEAWAY "proof of understanding" is a way to encourage people to read and write about an art project.

Win an Artwork, and turn yourself into a collector, curator and art critic at the same time. collector curator Writer

11/ NFTGiveaway

how to participate? :

1️⃣ Follow @pauzepierre 2️⃣ Retweet 3️⃣ Reply your ProofofUnderstanding What do you understand from this NFT collection? ⤵️ ⏰ 5 Winners will be announced in 48 hours

Pierre Pauze on TwitterPierre Pauze on Twitter
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