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Bitcoin Bounces Back to Support


Watching for signs of LTF bounce at this level for a scalp

5m closed below. Oof. Needs to reclaim. No bounce sign just yet but could happen quickly.

I think we bounce here

Will quick long on reclaim.

5m held support. Quick bounce please

Stop below here.

Can't all be winners. Had my LTF confirmation so went for it.

Straight nuked haha. Looks so bad. Obviously I wasn't risking a huge position at 125x btw.

High volume now. probably bounces quick. I wasn't fast enough to catch it this time. Was busy posting lol

Darn, missed a good long scalp. Obviously not going to chase.

Meh. Guess that'll have to do. made some of it back. Finally some volatility to trade. Unfortunately I was in a meeting with my attorney earlier when the main dump was going on

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