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“JPMorgan Scam” – A JPMorganScam?

What is a JPMorgan…

This is a JPMorgan Scam.

Don’t worry. We got you JPMorgan staff. We know you are the slaves of the modern era.

We won’t cry too hard for you, BTC at a lovely intra day buy opportunity

Thanks for the free holiday.

This is a KwasiKwarteng CanaryWharf manipulated sell order looks like DONT WORRY. Ethereum

The reason is the Banks have been instructed to protect the £ (GBP) So we know you need to sell

Better luck tomorrow.

You need profits before Retail. We know

It’s ok. We know U

This is what happens when the Chinese “Eth” say. Yeah so what.

We go long and you don’t have the money left.

Go; call my Bluff traders on Wallstreet

Wat ya Gonna do?

Ooooooh so much volume. 😂😂😂😂

THANK YOU for the free Bitcoin.

Told you couldn’t win.

Ahhhh Go-on dump the USDT value of Bitcoin.

You STILL loose

And for the DXY

Where are the profits going by Binance and Kucoin et al staff; as instructed to by the Crypto exchanges owners like CZ

We have stronger hands than you.

You need to keep your jobs after all.

It’s ok.

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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