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Reviewed: Gamium, the Neighbourhoods of Gamium

Knowing GAMIUM (part 2) In thread from a few days ago, I told about the different neighborhoods of @Gamiumcorp known so far. One of them is special, Genesis, because it contains all the Gamium buildings, starting with...

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The Dome This is Gamium’s most Emblematic Building It is a beautiful massive space dominated by water. A fantastic waterfall adorns it to perfection. From The Dome, you will find portals that will teleport you to the different Gamium World’s Neighborhoods.

The Dome is the best representation of the decentralized Social Metaverse of Gamium in the form of a building. It’s a magical place where Avatar meet, socialize, do networking, and teleport teleport themselves. ⛲️🛸

Mall Center This is the shopping mall of Gamium. It’s where Avatars can visit the stores of their favorite brands and shop online. Here brands worldwide can get a privileged and coveted space to create their own 3D online store from scratch

It is a large multi-story building full of customized stores. Its style is modernist and facilitates Avatar’s mobility to enjoy shopping and having a great time visiting the different stores of the mall without missing anything.🛒🛍️

Stadium This is where unforgettable live shows and epic events in the Metaverse are held From the Stadium, Avatars can enjoy unique 3D events and get up close and personal with their

idols in a simple and fun way.

On the other side, it allows artists to conveniently reach their fans worldwide without worrying about their privacy or security ⚽️🏀🏈👨‍🎤🎸

Gamium Tower This is the most exclusive coworking space in the Gamium World. It’s where Gamium and other companies, like @Telefonica organize corporate meetings and manage their business in a Virtual

environment 🗼💼

Avatars can find a lot of different types of offices and conference rooms inside the Gamium Tower. Some are for public use, and others are reserved for companies. There is also a diaphanous hall where official events and presentations are held.

Greek Center This is the educational hub of Gamium that allows Avatars to teach their knowledge, study, and learn. Here, Avatars can write and read articles about different topics and attend courses that can be blockchain certified 📚🔎

In the future, Gamium will facilitate immersive reality training directly from the Greek Center to make online teaching and learning much more productive and fun!

Gamium World Center GWC is the financial area of Gamium. It's the heart of Gamium's economy. The GWC consists of two colossal towers: the Gamium Financial Tower and the World Financial Tower, each with its own financial utility 💰💸

Its architectural design combines futurism with art déco, and its interior is ostentatious, with gilded elements and glass. It is a place where the world's web3 companies and Gamium offer their financial services and products to the Avatars 💼🤝

Inqbia This is Gamium’s incubation and launchpad hub for emerging promising projects. Inqbia will enable crowdfunding natively, allowing Avatars to invest in top-tier emerging projects easily 🚀💜

Unlike other launchpads, the launching process in Inqbia is done through smart contracts, allowing much faster and smoother project and Token


Oasis Museum This is the beautiful NFTs Gamium museum. It’s a unique meeting place built for talented artists and NFT enthusiasts 🖼️🎨

When you enter Oasis, you will find different zones with the most emblematic and historic NFTs, exclusive collections of reputed and emerging artists, and Gamium’s NFTs.

Verse Tower This is Gamium Jobs' historic building that we could compare to a 3D LinkedIn, where Avatars can find Jobs, do job Interviews , and enjoy virtual coffees and networking events 👩‍💻👨‍💻

If your Avatar represents a company, you can benefit from filtering job applications and information verification from Verse Tower, thanks to Gamium's technology.

And this is just the beginning 😉 Are you ready for what's to come? 🚀💜🚀💜🔝🔝

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