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Keep Calm and Survive: Survival Tips Should Be Survived Through Q4 2018

If you've made it this far in tough markets this year, your no.1 goal should be surviving through to the other side of Q4, no matter what happens next

Had friends who blew accounts worth multiples btc eth back in 2018/19 just before better times returned

1st rule of survival:

Separate core BTC ETH ALTS portfolio from anything to do with leverage.

If wanting to put trading theory into practice, good. Make a separate account with smaller amounts while learning. Ignore the and focus on the process & outcomes.

Second rule of survival:

Be honest w/yourself & figure out strengths/weaknesses. Some are cut out to trade often, others better at FA/research & some just DCAing on investment side.

Don't take existing investment positions & think you can suddenly 'trade it up' in these conditions

3rd rule of survival:

Make clear plans on what you want to see to start buying or increasing allocation - could be for BTC ETH lower or could be strength higher

May feel like crypto won't ever trend again & although possible, you don't want to be in denial all the way up if you've...

Protected/generated capital in these conditions & then* they start changing e.g.

A normie friend sold BTC at 6k in 2018 just before 3k & never bought back. Not even to the upside above 6-7-10k. No plan & then bought into perma-bear narratives despite* what new data was saying

Most of last one was less about surviving & more about thriving later.

Because what's the point of sinking time into the mkt if you put yourself in a position to be frozen later on if things change - something to keep in mind

Will keep adding to this list as thoughts come in 💪

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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