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How to Become a Profitable Trader with Crypto

[Mega Thread] How to become a profitable trader with spot or leverage/futures (yes it's possible).

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1) It doesn't matter how much money you start with, if you're not profitable with 1 trades you won't be profitable with larger amounts. Your strategy matters.

2) If you don't have a strategy or plan of attack you're basically going in blind and you almost certainly will lose all your money. This means you need to start from the bottom and create a game plan based on a proven strategy.

3) Realize that part of trading means taking losses. This is 100% guaranteed. Even the best of the best will take losses from time to time. This means you need to create a system that keeps losses small and winners big.

4) Realize that emotions are terrible for making trading decisions as humans are hardwired to avert loss. Your system/strategy needs to work so no emotions are involved and you can simply execute when it tells you to buy or sell.

5.Risk/reward matters. Personally I look for 1:3 RR trades risk 1R (1%) when wrong to make at least 3R (3%) or more when right. This allows you to be wrong 50% of the time and still be profitable.

Keep your system/strategy simple and repeatable. You need the same set of rules/criteria to enter trades. If you use a different pattern or rule every trade you can't track results and ultimately it's just a shitshow.

TRACK EVERYTHING. Every trade, every setup, every idea you have about the entry/exit etc. Note the position sizes and outcomes. Over time this gives you the data you need to find the flaws in your strategy that you can then improve on.

Be patient & realistic. Expect it to take a year to double your account when applying the above rules. It could happen faster but don't exceed your risk management. Even doubling your account every year is an insane ROI over a decade.

Study and put in the work. Doing all the above takes time, effort, discipline and commitment. Most people don't do these things and that is why most people lose at trading.

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