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Bitcoin Price on the Move: Correction Not Over Yet


"Mixed asset" shows BTC should be bullish if 5.67 level breaks up. However, we still waiting for the triangle extensión heads down to 3.46 level.

Bottom is close but retailer should be patience.

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@BenAltstein @BTCsinfronteras (2/*) GOLD / Bitcoin. This FIB Channel old chart is impressive!. We manage to predict bear market on BTC early than some few expected.

Trader should expect 0.14400 level to buy BTC as a double bottom pattern target.

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@BenAltstein @BTCsinfronteras (3/*) Bitcoin Longs vs shorts. Retailers still gambling so hard at the long side. They still "Buying" the DIP.

You may ask:

How the exchange would win against this?

@BenAltstein @BTCsinfronteras (4/*) Bitcoin. 4H. Bat pattern. Traders should do their own research.

SL: 23800. Entry: 22300. TP: 20700.

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@BenAltstein @BTCsinfronteras (5/*) TSLA. 1D. We still believe that the asset fair price is at 100 - 110 USD.

Tech markets have suffered greatly in this bear market. Therefore, we believe that the HCH pattern is tentative but likely to happen.

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