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Price Analysis: What To Expect When the Bitcoin Price Hits 18th June

OK Btc is quite complicated at the moment and I think Ill share a bear thread of what to expect if the low of the 18th June does get taken out.

First lets cover this tweet.....

TraderJones on TwitterTraderJones on Twitter

POC didnt get reclaimed as it broke straight back thru (yellow circle) yesterday. Also low point (orange circle) did not match any time and price harmony, which made me question if it was the low!

A couple of days ago I saw some bullish absorption right at the bottom and took a trade off this and overall btc rised 8% (good call) but now taken the low out.....more of a day trade based on order flow.

So based on the bottom point didnt match time and price harmony Im now looking for another potential low point.

Unfortunately the next 2 local ones a below the 18th June low! Not to say they have to hit but its my next point of interest the most.............

Ive got one point today (less likely) between 1-3 Pm hitting 16500-17k. The more likely option is second point on 1St of October hitting 16400

This point lines up with were I more or less have the dxy topping out so would also make sense to me.

TraderJones on TwitterTraderJones on Twitter

So what happens after that?? Ive got 2 points for the mega bull it would have to top at 140k by Jan 2023 (less likely but not impossible)...or a low gets put on on or around 6th November at price of 8400 (another time/price harmony point)

The low on the 6th November also lines up with a ltc low that I tweeted about a 2 week ago

TraderJones on TwitterTraderJones on Twitter

At the moment this is all hearsay but its important to look at other possibilities if the low from 18th June does get taken.

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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