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Shark Activity in Q3’s Mainstream Mainstream Update

🦈 BTC Shark's Activity in Q3

🔥 The following signs show: the market is still optimistic, the small fish are still rushing in, the bad days have yet to come. 😛

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🔥 Wallet addresses with over 10.000 BTC have secretly accumulated another 100.000 BTC (~2B) in Q3.

👉 When the economy is in difficulties, the truly rich will get richer.

🔥 Addresses with 1-10K BTC fell significantly with no sign of buying again. ~200K BTC lost in this group.

👉 Small and midsize enterprises and businessmen fail here partly because this group include many MM who buy and sell. You never know where the cashflow will go.

🔥 Addresses with >1 BTC constantly grow in terms of both owners and BTC. NOTABLY RISING IN THE LAST 2 MONTHS (over 30K wallets).

👉 They get more optimistic and money still remains, so shark may have to play some more flash dump to earn from this group.

🤔 Perhaps they will promote the belief that BTC will bottom in Q4 so that this group can start to accumulate and then... BOOM?

⚠️ So, please invest your money slowly and wisely. Shark always knows how to build up trust for the crowd, leaving historical traces to gain your trust and then play a new game that nobody can expect.

Data taken from Lookintobitcoin and Bitinfocharts.

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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