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Almao Successfully Hardforks for a Cat

Good R:R here for me to get a BTC scalp

Not super high confidence but low risk.

If it closes above I'll cut

Cut but if it breaks down I can go for re-entry with good R:R still

Round 2. Probably tighten my stop pretty quickly on this to reduce risk.

Meh. Not much follow through just yet. Tightened my stop here. Low risk scalp idea.

Stil meh. Probably close soon if there's no follow through. Break even or tight stop .

Above this wick and I'm out. Put a hard stop there. Was using manual stop loss before. No confidence this works out

Trendline breakdown would be good.

Choppy bugger.

Remember my rule, 2 trades in 1 direction and then no more so if this doesn't work out I'd be done and wouldn't fight it a third time. But super low risk. 1st loss and then now re-entry with stop at break even so it's basically like I only took 1 trade.

Lmao. just got stopped at break even. I may have considered closing early for profit if I weren't busy posting on twitter.

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