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Handshake Is Here to Fix Domain Name Risks, Not Just HNSHNS

I'm raising 1.02M USD to fix all of Handshake's HNS CRITICAL problems.

The opportunity for investors is like discovering BTC in 2012. Seriously.

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Handshake was created to decentralize the Domain Name System's root zone, which then enables replacing Certificate Authorities.

The founders successfully raised 10.2M USD from prominent VCs like @a16z and @sequoia,">@sequoia and then donated ALL of it away to Open Source projects.

@a16z @sequoia The founders then intentionally disbanded as soon as Handshake's mainnet went live.

So, Handshake has always been a purely community-funded and community-ran project.

Through the community's pasttime efforts, organizations like @coinbase,">@coinbase @Namecheap.">@Namecheap and @opera are involved.

@a16z @sequoia @coinbase @Namecheap @opera Handshake is a project that has Series B maturity, but only needs Seed funding to get to the next level.

The 1.02M USD will spent on hiring proven community leaders who have already been dedicating their free time to making key contributions for Handshake.

@a16z @sequoia @coinbase @Namecheap @opera So what is Handshake?

It's both a crypto and NFT project that solves a REAL problem.

Crypto: HNS NFT: Domain names are the original NFTs

In other words, Handshake is a blockchain that ACTUALLY does something useful — replacing Certificate Authorities.

@a16z @sequoia @coinbase @Namecheap @opera You can learn pretty much everything you need to know about Handshake through just 2 songs at:

No, seriously, the songs DNS and Handshake (HNS) will get you caught up on all the key facts you should know about Handshake in 6 minutes.

Plus, they slap!

Handshake (HNS) (Lyrics Video)Handshake (HNS) (Lyrics Video)

@a16z @sequoia @coinbase @Namecheap @opera So, what EXACTLY does Handshake do though?

Well, since Handshake domain names are top-level domains (IMPORTANT), you can have your website's domain name to be quite literally anything you want it to be.

That's right, your website could live at


Mine is


@a16z @sequoia @coinbase @Namecheap @opera How does Handshake compare to its competitors?

The 3 blockchain naming projects that get the most press these days are @ensdomains, @unstoppableweb, and @whatsyouryat.

And they all have something in common: they weren't built for DNS.

Like, at all.

@a16z @sequoia @coinbase @Namecheap @opera @ensdomains @unstoppableweb @whatsyouryat Honorable mention, @Namecoin is the closest thing to Handshake — built for DNS, true cypherpunk community, strong ethos.

Handshake names can be ANY top-level domain. Namecoin names are .bit second-level domains.

Basically, Handshake lets anyone become their own Namecoin.

@a16z @sequoia @coinbase @Namecheap @opera @ensdomains @unstoppableweb @whatsyouryat @Namecoin What's the opportunity for potential investors?

Invest in HNS at the same terms as the original sponsors (the difference in pricing from today's market value allows us to fund our team).


Invest in top-tier Handshake names at bear market prices (I have good names for you).

@a16z @sequoia @coinbase @Namecheap @opera @ensdomains @unstoppableweb @whatsyouryat @Namecoin And who am I?

Well, I'm literally the 1 expert in the world on Handshake.

I joined Handshake right before the mainnet launch, so I've done and seen it all.

I was behind the creation of the 2 most popular Handshake applications:

and HNSchat.

Plus more.


@a16z @sequoia @coinbase @Namecheap @opera @ensdomains @unstoppableweb @whatsyouryat @Namecoin Don't hesitate to DM me if you want to learn more about Handshake!

If you're a Big Tymin' bag swinger, let's talk about how your 1.02M USD will 100x this project.

If you're a more humble bag swinger, let's talk about how you can flip some of my fire emoji domains.


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