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Time for a Simpsons character - The Simpsons character – buys Spot $BTC

I am once again asking you to simply buy spot BTC instead of apeing into futures.

Good luck gents 🫡

We will see if this time is different...

Time for your favorite Simpsons character.

Just a 35k BTC increase in open interest exactly in tandem with the pump.

Some people just enjoy burning money lol

@heavilyarmedc @Santiag78758327 Remember the 32k-40k god candle at the end the mini last summer?

It was basically because of the Binance USDT perpetual futures. So many people were shorting BTC with USDT collateral, and this is the chart of the rate they were paying every 8 (!!) hours to do it

They got liq'd

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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