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Q3 Summary – Falling Out Of Favor With Q3

My q3 stats Highest net R : BTC Highest strike rate asset: EU Worst performance asset : US30 Best time: 5am-7am Best day : monday Worse day : Thursday

Best month: September

Best setup: m15 raid m1 QM Max R average 8.4 Average R 2.7

Key takeaways- stop trading Thursday as I’m net unprofitable thursdays

There’s room for me to increase my R target as many of my trades continue to run after I TP. When I’m trading well during the session bet more .

Most of my losses come when I haven’t gotten a full nights rest or don’t take the time to fully plan for the session (waking up Late rushing to the charts) I also take losses when I attempt to trade assets I’m unfamiliar with if my edge is slow in my primary assets (gold/oil)

I miss lots of opportunities not taking continuation setups as I have a bias towards looking for reversals . I also take unnecessary losses anticipating reversals. My mentality is “pricecan’t keep going lower/higher” when it indeed can

On average I’m only presented 4 HIGH quality setups a week my goal for q4 is to only look for those and maximize my opportunities when they present by betting big

Q4 goals. Find a way to increase my average R per setup. Increase overall strike rate to 65% (q3 sr 57%)

decrease average trades per week from 8 to 5. Further fine tune my entry criteria to limit the amount of setups I’m willing to take. Get better at adding to winning trades

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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