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Massive Move!

BTC Massive Move is coming (25K & 46K)

BTC is getting closer to decision Time.

Every time it Touches the edge of the arc it drops.

However, this time I am in the Camp that BTC will touch the white trend line.

Let us dig deep on the "Why's" (1/7)🧵

Potential break out to 25K region is plausible. (2/7)

I do believe we r in corrective W4 within 5 impulsive waves. W4 is potentially completed. (3/7)

ABC corrective of Wave 4 (4/7)

Or we r in 5 waves to the downside & preparing for corrective ABC. (5/7)

Corrective ABC: 25K & then 46K.

I am in the camp that BTC will perform Triple bottom formation.

'A' will take us to 25K, then 'B' corrective & 'C' will take us to Fib 0.702 around 46-50K.

Time will Tell. (6/7)

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