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Q3 Performance: Q3 Performance Outstripped Bitcoin

1⃣Quarter ended. I will not do a review of the market, there is so much of this around, I will "just" give two pieces of information about my portfolio 😺👇


2⃣Here are the Q3 performances of BTC, ETH and some reference indices.

🟠 bitcoin = -2,63% 🔵 ethereum = +24,06% 🟤 Index (ex. BTC and ETH) = +4,25 💩 coin Index (FTX) = +10,34% ⚫️ Defi Index (FTX) = +4,43% 😺 Portfolio = +8,35%

3⃣The portfolio performed quite well, it performed BTC, that's the important thing for me. In July I reduced the exposure in ETH by exiting in BTC now only at the entry point, in a few months I will rotate into ETH from BTC.

4⃣Here's how the portfolio has performed over the past two years or so.

The red horizontal line is November 2020, the red circle on the BTC chart is always November 2020.

5⃣The red horizontal line is January 2021, the red circle on the ETH chart is always January 2021.

6⃣The portfolio again performed pretty well against both ethereum and bitcoin, I'm sure it could have been done better. The stablecoins acted as a parachute eliminating some volatility, but that's okay. go on.

7⃣YTD performances currently are as follows 👇

🟠 bitcoin = -59,60% 🔵 ethereum = -64,77% 🟤 Index (ex. BTC and ETH) = -58,90% 💩 coin Index (FTX) = -70,06% ⚫️ Defi Index (FTX) = -75,42% 😿 Portfolio = -40,37%

END/ it is important to have liquidity in the system, at least 30% of the portfolio, ready for any eventuality, this (1) reduces volatility, (2) cheap purchases (3) you can face any liquidity problems.

Have a good command of personal finance.

Claws out 😼

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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