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Five Reasons Why Companies Should Fight for Crypto Companies

A thread Do you want Crypto companies to fight for you without you sending an application? Then do this.Number 4 and 5 is particularly compulsory Click follow as you engage in the thread

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1. BUILD YOURSELF It Is important that you have experience,in different blockchain sectors However if you don't,do this

2. FIND A NICHE Don't be jack of all trades without mastering any trade to perfection Identify the blockchain sector,you will love to work at:Defi gamefi DAOs

3. Join a community A community is very important for any of the niche you decide upon. Don't just join a community,be active there and contribute Mark your presence wherever you go. Be noticed!!....

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4. At the beginning I said number 4 is compulsory IDENTIFY A PROBLEM If you must compare the community project you are in to others then do so,but do so humbly.. Companies are looking for those who can identify red flags in their projects so they can do better.

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5. Give solution Okay you have, identified a problem Do you have a solution? It is one thing to identify a problem and another thing to give solution You become more valuable when you give solutions Share your solutions By all this you stand a better chance at getting Job offers

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